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Fibonacci Patterns Scout MT5

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MetaTrader 5
23 March 2020
13 February 2021


The WaltSoft Fibonacci Patterns SCOUT searches for Fibonacci Patterns, also called Harmonic Patterns, and displays the results in a clear table.
The WSFP SCOUT can search for 16 different Patterns plus 1 Custom Pattern and can process up to 28 Instruments and up to 9 Time Frames at once!
It refreshes every second!
Clicking on a Pair-Time Frame combination will open the relevant chart and displays the pattern(s) which you then can trade manually.

Unlike similar software, the WSFP SCOUT will detect Patterns in their very early stage.
As soon as a patterns' C-point has formed it will detect and display this Emerging Pattern.
Such an early warning is priceless because it gives you plenty of time to prepare yourself for the trade.
You might even trade towards the D-point.

The WaltSoft Fibonacci Patterns SCOUT distinguishes itself from similar and often more expensive tools by its accuracy, speed, clarity and ease of use!

For each pattern, the SCOUT searches from ‘big’ to ‘small’ and will stop searching as soon as it finds a pattern and moves on to the next pattern.
The ‘size-range’ of the patterns is chosen in such a manner that it may produce the same pattern on the adjacent Time Frames so that you can choose on which Time Frame you want to trade the pattern.

Each pattern is further subdivided in 3 different Pattern Stages:
• Stage 1: the C-point of the pattern has just formed and price has not passed the B-point yet.
• Stage 2: the C-point of the pattern has formed and price passed the B-point, so we are close to a completed pattern.
• Completed: the D-point has formed and we have a full pattern.

When the Scout finds a new pattern, a pattern changed its status or a pattern is no longer there then it will be displayed in the Patterns Change List Panel, along with the time elapsed since the new entry.

From this Panel you can also enable or disable the alerts.


You also need the FREE "Fibonacci Patterns INDI" which can be downloaded here.
Installation Instructions and User Guide.
Just User Guide.


The Fibonacci Patterns Scout will NOT run in the Strategy Tester!


  • Pair(s) = "EURUSD,USDJPY,GBPUSD,USDCHF,USDCAD,AUDUSD,NZDUSD" (Max 28, separated by comma)
  • Time Frame(s) = "M15,H1,H4,D1,W1,MN" (Max 9, separated by comma)
Patterns to Scout
  • Stage 1 Patterns = "NO"
  • Stage 2 Patterns = "YES"
  • Completed Patterns = "YES"
  • Gartley = "YES"
  • Papilionem = "YES"
  • Squalus = "YES"
  • Carcinos = "YES"
  • Deep Carcinos = "YES"
  • Vespertilio = "YES"
  • Alternate Vespertilio = "YES"
  • Five Legs = "YES"
  • New Cypher = "YES"
  • Quasimodo = "YES"
  • Navarro 200 = "YES"
  • Leonardo = "YES"
  • Black Swan = "YES"
  • White Swan = "YES"
  • Nen Star = "YES"
  • Sea Pony = "YES"
  • Custom Pattern = "NO"
  • Name Custom Pattern = "Custom"
  • min XB = "0.618"
  • max XB = "0.786"
  • min AC = "0.618"
  • max AC = "0.99"
  • min BD = "1.272"
  • max BD = "7"
  • min XD = "0.786"
  • max XD = "0.99"
  • SL 
  • TP1
  • TP2
  • TP3
  • PANELS from Left (Pixels) = "5"
  • PANELS from Top (Pixels) = "20"
  • Space Between PANELS (Pixels) = "0"
  • Panels Position = "Reset Panels Position" or "Save Panels Position"
PANEL Pairs & Time Frames 
  • PANEL Width Add (Pixels) = "5"
  • PANEL Height Add (Pixels) = "5"
  • Font Size Buttons = "10"
  • Button Width (Pixels) = "85"
  • Button Height (Pixels) = "20"
  • Button Spacing (Pixels) = "5"
  • Font Size Pair Names = "9"
  • Room For Pair Names (Pixels) = "90"
  • Font Size Time Frames = "9"
  • Room For Time Frame Names (Pixels) = "20"
PANEL Patterns Change List
  • Show Patterns Change List = "YES"
  • Position = "Right" or "Bottom"
  • Adjust Width (Pixels) = "0"
  • Adjust Height (Pixels) = "0"
  • Nbr Of Rows to Show = "10"
  • Also Show Gone Patterns = "NO"
  • Play Sound On Change = "YES"
  • Sound File Name = "news.wav"
  • Focus on Updated Chart = "NO"
  • Send Notification = "NO"
  • Send Email = "NO"




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