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Harmonic ABCD Monitor MT5

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MetaTrader 5
Mihail Matkovskij
21 February 2020
7 April 2021


Multi-currency, multi-timeframe, harmonic pattern indicator AB = CD. Supports sending push notifications about signals to a mobile device, messages on e-mail, as well as messages using alerts on all available currency pairs and timeframes.

This indicator was based on the indicator Harmonic ABCD Universal. Version for MetaTrader 5: See also: Harmonic ABCD Universal for MetaTrader 4.

Using modern software development methods has made the indicator as functional as possible. Thus, the Trader can immediately see all the signals in the Patterns View window, on all available trading instruments and time frames and gain instant access to the symbol and time frame of interest by simply clicking on the corresponding icon of the pattern in the window.

As in Harmonic ABCD Universal, in Harmonic ABCD Monitor the signals are divided into two types: signals of the formed pattern and signals of prediction of the pattern. Each type of signal has its own icon in the Patterns View window, is highlighted accordingly on the chart, and also differs in all notifications sent by the indicator.

If on any symbol and timeframe you see an icon in the form of an hourglass instead of a signal (see illustrations for the description), this means that on this symbol and timeframe the history was not synchronized at the time of loading the indicator. To synchronize the story, wait a few seconds, and then click on the button to hide the Patterns View window (in the upper left corner of the chart) and open the window again by clicking on the button. All symbols and timeframes will be visible in the window.

Attention! For testing, I recommend choosing Tick modeling: 1 minute OHLC.

Input parameters

  • Primary settings
    • n_bars – number of bars for the analysis, value of -1 - all bars
    • f_min_bc_lv – the minimum level of the pattern's C point, by Fibonacci
    • f_max_bc_lv – the maximum level of the pattern's C point, by Fibonacci
    • f_min_cd_lv – the minimum level of the pattern's D point, by Fibonacci
    • f_max_cd_lv – the maximum level of the pattern's C point, by Fibonacci
    • f_bc_cd_dev – acceptable deviation by Fibonacci for points C and D
    • k_st – start and target levels ratio, relative to the f_min_bc_lv - f_max_bc_lv ratio
    • k_sl_1 – stop loss coefficient, for method 1
    • k_t – number of bars to determine points С and D
    • f_t2_lv – second target level (Fibonacci level of the entire movement of the AD pattern) 
    • k_sl_2 – stop loss coefficient, for method 2
    • arrow – display arrows 
    • alt_sign – alternative signal 
    • zz_peak_dist - Peak Dist (Depth) of the ZigZag Indicator
    • trace – enable/disable tracing
    • tr_min_peak_dist – the minimum Peak Dist (Depth) value of the ZigZag, for tracing 
    • tr_max_peak_dist – the maximum Peak Dist (Depth) value of the ZigZag, for tracing 
    • tr_step_peak_dist – the step of the Peak Dist (Depth) value of the ZigZag during tracing
    • send_mobile_signal - send a push notification when a formed pattern appears
    • send_mobile_predict - a push notification when a not completely formed pattern appears
    • send_mobile_test - send a test notification to a mobile phone
    • send_mail_signal – send a notification by e-mail when a formed pattern appears
    • send_mail_predict – a notification by e-mail when a not completely formed pattern appears
    • send_mail_test – notification sending test after the indicator is launched
    • alert – indicator alerts
    • alert_signal - alert when a pattern appears
    • alert_predict - alert when a not formed pattern appears
  • Monitor Settings
    • use_monitor - use monitor
    • symbolList - a way to create a list of characters
    • symbols - a user-defined list of characters separated by commas (symbolList set to "Сustom List")
    • timeframe_list - set of timeframes
    • x_monitor, y_monitor - coordinates of the Patterns View window
    • send_monitor_signals - send monitor signals along with the signals of the current chart to a mobile terminal or e-mail
  • Secondary settings
    • bl_prim_color, color bl_second_color, bl_bg_color - colors for highlighting a bullish pattern
    • br_prim_color, br_second_color, br_bg_color - colors for highlighting a bearish pattern
    • x_btn, y_btn - coordinates of the block of buttons for selecting patterns on the chart


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