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EasyTrading Center of Gravity

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MetaTrader 5
Camille Huot


Finally available on the Market, you can now use the full Center of Gravity indicator.

It is very easy to use, on all currency pairs, indices, all time frames. If you have not found an indicator that suits you, take a look at the screenshot and try it now!

What is Your Situation?

  • You lose money;
  • You're not sure when to enter position;
  • You close just before price goes back in your direction;
  • You use indicators but they are not effective;
  • Possibly you have taken courses, you used robots, they earn some pips then lose a lot, etc.

I've been there too. I heard about Belkhayate at a seminar on technical analysis, then I did some research on the Internet and I found this method. I implemented this for MetaTrader 5.

Is it the Perfect Indicator?

Finally available on MetaTrader 5, the EasyTrading Center of Gravity indicator is an indicator to quickly show:

  • The price trend;
  • The strength of the trend;
  • The range of variation;
  • Clearly identifiable input signals;
  • Many options for closing;
  • In one glance!

The Price Follows the Law of Physics

The Center of Gravity indicator, as its name suggests, displays the center of gravity during a given period. Indeed, everyone has noticed a Forex price evolves in small waves as a general trend. This is true regardless of the time frame with which we look at the price. Once a line is drawn from the center of gravity, we observe that the price crosses the line from the top and the bottom, and so on.

Fibonacci at the Heart of the Algorithm

Fibonacci retracements are used by all traders. They define the likely magnitude of successive rebounds after a strong stock movement. They are particularly relevant, since traders use these coefficients to calculate at what level to place their orders.

These Fibonacci factors are integrated into EasyTrading Center of Gravity. They define the levels of red and green lines.

What are All the Colored Lines?

The blue line in the middle is the center of gravity. The price always revolves around it over the given period. Then, the gray lines represent the standard deviation of the price from the center of gravity. It is normal and common for the price to cross these lines, as you will notice on any indicator display.

Finally, the red and green lines are obtained by applying different levels of Fibonacci to the curve of the standard deviation, which gives us areas of overbought and oversold. According to Mostafa Belkhayate's statistics and verified by myself, when the price is in this area, we are 80% sure it will go back at least to the blue line.

Universal Indicator

This indicator works on Forex, CFD, indexes... in fact, I have not yet found an asset over which it does not. It works in particular with:

  • GOLD
  • Indices

Finally Available on MetaTrader 5

I decided to publish this algorithm now because I believe it should not interfere with my profits if other people use it. That's why I've completely rewritten this indicator in MQL5 (my favorite platform), optimizing everything that could be to make it as simple as possible for you.

It reacts exactly like the original indicator, so you can use it with all methods that already exist on the Internet.

Simply drag the indicator on the MetaTrader chart for the symbol that you are interested in and you instantly see all the information that you missed before. Visually choose the Stop Loss and wait to pick up the pips.

The Simplest in the World

With Center of Gravity, there's no need to be an expert for years for successful trading. An 8 year old child could use it as well as you.

As soon as I have time, I will publish detailed articles on to explain simple and winning strategies, how to set the indicator, how to manage positions, how to program a robot from the indicator, etc... But honestly, the indicator is so simple that you will not need to read this! And there are already plenty of resources on the Internet.

There are never any calculations to do, everything is visual. Just wait for the right time and click.


Simply install it now... And become a winning trader.

Contact me if you need anything to install the indicator (usually everything is automatic). I can take a few days to answer based on my availability.

To get the EasyTrading Center of Gravity indicator, click the "Demo" link or "Buy" on the left. It will automatically install the indicator for your platform. Tell me the news.


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