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MetaTrader 5
Sanprakorn Phonthuranaree


Absolute Majors Pro accurately builds to be one of the primary tools for the professional level of real forex trading.

Do you know that the relations among pairs of currencies indicate significant points and represent essential aspects for every trade decision?

As a trader, these concepts are the most important to understand because, in every movement in the market, there is no magic but a given relation for a specific time.

This tool delivers the best possible approach to clarify the relations among the major pairs of currencies in the simplest way possible.

The real requirements are the explicit relations of each major pair that provide the core connection or bridge movement between all of their extensions.

It is not necessary to understand all the relations of the cross and minor currencies pairs. The analysis would be just over-complicated and also time-consuming.

Technical Advantages

  • Multiple plots of currencies change in actual ratio on a single chart.
  • Highly precise chart updating in every tick (Support M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, and D1).
  • Graphic boxes chart dynamically present performance as percent in real-time.
  • The Fibonacci lines specify the ratio levels of 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, and 100% of the total changes.
  • The correlation rates among all currencies pairs compared to the main chart movement.
  • The trend line averages all changes at any given moment of the market.
  • Custom period separators automatically adjust to the time selection.
  • Very intuitive user-interface, Just only switching on/off the buttons.

The visualization does its best at being informative while the primary goal is to provide a trader a clear insight before making a real trade decision.

Professional Usages

As a professional trader, to be able to get the ideas of what is going on at the moment is the most crucial part of trading.

With this tool, A trader employs a minimum effort to get notices about the market at a glance from accurate visualization.

Trading becomes more advantageous by combining with essential functionalities such as automatic Fibonacci levels, Correlations, and multi-currencies trend line.

Nothing wrong with unable to identify the consequence of the market. What requires for any interpretation is to determine the probability.

Advanced Precision and Monitoring

By executing reliable algorithms, The indicator successfully manage resources and generate a visualization of multiple currencies' performances in an instant.

Every tick of the chart is correctly plotting new data of multiple currencies pairs together without twists supporting timeframes M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, and D1.

In daily trading, There usually is something more important to operate than just switching between multiple charts to identify new market movements.

This indicator provides an undoubtedly useful way to be informed and to gain more insights into the market with minimum efforts and hassles.

Main Parameters

  • barsMaximum - The number of total history bars to use in the calculation. (1-10,000)
  • lineThickness - Size of the thickness of each currency line to display. (1-10)
  • lineThicknessHighlight - Size of the highlight thickness of each line to display. (2-10)
  • trendThickness - Size of the thickness of the trend line to display. (1-10)
  • fibonacciThickness - Size of the thickness of the Fibonacci line to display. (1-10)
  • boxesPositiveRight - Positive boxes begin on the right side. (True or False)
  • boxesDecimal - How many digits to display on each box. (1-5)
  • boxesHeightMultiplier - Multiplier value of boxes height expanding. (1-10)
  • tagsFontSize - Size of the tag title of each line. (5-20)

The other parameters that do not include in this list are mostly about color choices.

By combining this tool with other knowledge, especially economic news, Trading certainty necessarily boosts up to the next level.

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