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MetaTrader 5
Andrey Goida


 Мультивалютная торговля скальпером по ренко барам . Внутри советника моделируются ренко-бары, что позволяет проводить качественную оптимизацию. Ордера открываются в направлении последнего смоделированного бара. 

Стратегия советника основана на моделировании ренко-баров для определения тренда и его продолжительности. Затем сигнал сортируется по фильтрам.

Советник работает только на хедж-счетах MetaTrader 5!


Тип торгового приказа - тип торговых приказов

  •         Рыночные заказы - Рынок
  •         Pendings Orders - стоп и лимит отложенных ордеров
  •         Pendings Stop - только стоп-ордер на удаление по StopDeleteDistance
  • OnlyLimit - только лимитные ордера
  • OnlyStop - только стоп-приказы
  • StopDistance - distance for placing a stop order
  • StopDeleteDistanc - distance at which to delete a stop order
  • TimeExpiration -Time live pendings orders (seconds) 240 seconds minimum
  • DistanceStop -Distance from price to pendings orders(Stop)
  • DistanceLimit -Distance from price to pendings orders(Limit)
  • RenkoBarType-renko bar simulation algorithm RenkoClassik\ Renko ATR
  • RenkoBarSize - renko candle size (10-1000).
  • Maximum positions count - the maximum number of positions opened at a time.
  • Count bars wait before open position - the number of renko bars that must be formed before opening a position. For example: if set to 2, then 2 bullish or bearish bars must be formed before other entry conditions are checked.
  • Lot - trading lot.
  • enable risk management - enable/disable risk management.
  • risk in percentage of the account - risk value for management.
  • Stoploss - stop loss (20-750).
  • Takeprofit - take profit (20-750).
  • MagicBuy - magic number for buying.
  • MagicSell - magic number for selling.
  • Close on profit(total) - close all trades in case of a total profit (in deposit currency).
  • Close on profit(Buy) - close in case of a profit at all buy positions (in deposit currency).
  • Close on profit(Sell) - close in case of a profit at all sell positions (in deposit currency).
  • Close on loss(total) - close in case of a loss at all positions (in deposit currency).
  • Close on loss(Buy) - close in case of a loss at all buy positions (in deposit currency).
  • Close on loss(Sell) - close in case of a loss at all sell positions (in deposit currency).
  • Step between positions - step between open positions: approximate value from 20 to 200.
  • UseTrailing - enable/disable trailing of profit.
  • Start trailing on profit - value in the deposit currency to start trailing profit.
  • Step trailing on profit - trailing step in the deposit currency.
  • CloseOnRevers - close all positions when an opposite renko candle appears.
  • Traiding start time - trading start hour (0-23).
  • Traiding end time - trading end hour (0-23).
  • Moving average parameters (fast МА)
    • UseMa - apply МА filter.
    • MaPeriod - МА period: approximate value from 1 to 100.
    • MaPrice - MA parameters.
    • MaMethod - moving average type.
    • MaShift - МА shift.
    • MaStep - МА step.
    • CloseOnMa - close all positions if a renko candle crosses МА.
  • Moving average1 parameters (slow МА)
    • UseMa1 - apply МА filter.
    • MaPeriod1 - МА period: approximate value from 102 to 260.
    • MaPrice1 - MA parameters.
    • MaMethod1 - moving average type.
    • MaShift1 - МА shift.
    • MaStep1 - МА step.

Attention! The value of MA1 must be greater than MA.

  • Filter parameters relative to Heiken Ashi indicator
    • UseHaFilter - enable/disable the Heiken Ashi filter.
    • ShowHa - display/hide Heiken Ashi.
  • Filter parameters relative to Parabolic SAR indicator
    • UseSarFilter - enable/disable the Parabolic SAR filter.
    • SarStep - Parabolic SAR indicator value (0.01-1).
    • SarMaximum - Parabolic SAR indicator value (0.01-1).
  • Time Outs and Targets Settings parameters
    • usetimeout - close positions by Time Outs and Targets Settings.
    • timeout1 - time interval for closing a position (1-300).
    • target1 - target value for closing a position by timeout (from -25 to 25). The value may be negative to close unprofitable positions.
    • ...........
    • ...........
    • timeout13 - time interval for closing a position (1-300).
    • target13 - target value for closing a position by timeout (from -25 to 25). The value may be negative to close unprofitable positions.

Chart timeframe to attach the EA: m1. Any currency pair. Default setting EURUSD


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