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Evgeniy Scherbina


The multi-currency advisor Neural Hunter trades according to signals generated by an advanced system of indicators. The advisor also relies on a robust neural network that filters false signals. By default the Neural Hunter advisor has been trained to trade the following symbols: AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY - 7 symbols total. The Neural Hunter advisor is ready for the fully automated trading with these symbols.

Attention! It is always one symbol to be tested in the Testing mode (this is specific for MetaTrader 4). The advisor trades all symbols listed under the Symbols property in the Live mode from one chart.

It is a multi-currency advisor, so the result of its work is best seen in the multi-currency mode, that is in the live trading mode.

You can choose any timeframe because all calculations are carried out according to special algorithms. The advisor trades only the symbols listed in the property Symbols, regardless of the symbol in which it is working.

The market is subject to pattern-based fluctuations, which means it is fluctuations that often repeat themselves. A neural network has an undisputable advantage which is to memorize market fluctuations which generated both positive and negative trades. The neural network of this advisor, trained on the history, is capable of filtering most false signals.

The Advisor Properties

Color preset - you can choose from 3.

Fontsize - this may help fit the advisor interface text to your screen resolution.

Friday strategy - an hour after which the "Friday strategy" is applicable. Starting from this hour on Friday, the advisor tries to close all trades if any of these 2 conditions is met: 1) a profit over 5% or 2) at least 1 trade out of several trades is longer than a week and the overall profit is positive. Zero to switch off.

Dynamic SL and TP - if active, target levels of Stoploss and Takeprofit are defined by the nearest 4-hour bar extrema.

Stops - you can use either Local or Global stops. Local stops were tested with one symbol and they are used with it. Global stops are used with all symbols.

Stoploss - applicable for Stops = Global.

Symbols - The advisor trades only the symbols listed in this property as a comma-separated list, regardless of the symbol in which it is working. You should indicate the symbol names as they are used in your terminal. Example: EURUSD.m etc. During a test, the advisor uses only one symbol (the Symbols value is ignored).

Takeprofit - applicable for Stops = Global.

Trail - Zero to switch off. Applicable for Stops = Global.

Volume - either a dynamic value calculated as a percentage of the available equity (example: 0.005%), or a fixed value (example: 0.03). Always use a fixed volume, like volume = 0.01, if you use a cent account.

Zero auto - a number of minutes after which the advisor tries to set a stoploss at the open price. Zero to switch off.


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