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Nguyen Van Anh


EA send order’s information in MT4 to Telegram channels

MT4 Telegram Signal Provider EA is The Best MT4 to Telegram Utility on the Market for anyone who wants to become a Professional Telegram Signal Provider


It will send the Signals and Reports to your Telegram channels, base on your orders in Metatrader 4 program

Want to send your signals to many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress...? No problem, let use IFTTT to connect your Telegram channels with those platforms and send your signals with ease.


  1. Send your signals to MANY CHANNELS: Multi-Telegram channels, Email, and send push notifications to the Mobile Terminal
  2. Scan the orders very FAST: Scan in seconds, not in ticks
  3. Send information of ALL ORDER TYPES: Open (including Pending Orders), Cancel, Close (including % partial close), Trigger, and Modify Orders
  4. FILTER the sending orders by: Order types (pending, triggered, modified, closed), Symbols, Magic numbers, and Comments
  5. Manually or Automatically Send CHART SCREENSHOTS
  6. CAN CUSTOMIZE chart screenshots' properties in the sending signals: Resolution, Background Image, Templates...
  7. 5 MODES for sending Chart Screenshots: Base on Symbols, Comments, Magic Numbers, Template, and No sending
  8. Send REPORTS: Running Report, Daily Report, Weekly Report
  9. FULLY CUSTOMIZE your Signal Text, Daily Report & Weekly Report
    1. Design your signal text, daily and weekly reports by the way you want, add pre-text, post-text, emojis, lines...
    2. Use lots of available calculated variables to show: the time values (second, minute, hour, day, month, year), order information (symbol, open price, close price, open time, close time, open lots, partial % close lots, ticket, comment, magic number, expiration...), account information (margin, free margin, margin level), and other information (pip profit, currency profit, commission, swap, real profit...)
  10. EDIT the orders' time (open, close time) in the report base on you local time
  11. FULLY CUSTOMIZE Pip unit: Calculate exactly pip unit for any symbol, in any broker
  12. A lot of AVAILABLE VARIABLES to use
  13. Regularly UPDATE and add features required by customers.


1. Create a Bot, and fill API Token

  • Open Telegram application
  • Type "BotFather" in search input box and press ENTER
  • Click on first "BotFather" menu in the left list
  • Click "START" button at the right bottom window, or type "/start" then press
  • Click a text "/newbot" or type "/newbot", then press ENTER
  • Choose a name for your bot, then press ENTER or "SEND
  • Choose a username for your bot, it must end by character "bot", then press ENTER or SEND
  • A new bot is created, and Telegram will send you an API Token
  • Fill the API Token in EA Input Parameters by "copy & paste".

2. Create a Channel (if you don't have it yet), add your bot, and set your bot as Administrator:

  • Click the menu on the top left of Telegram application, and choose "New Channel";
  • Give your channel a name, then click "CREATE";
  • In your channel, add your bot and set it as "Administrator" so that your bot can send messages to your channel.

3. Find Channel ID, and fill EA Channel ID:

  • In Telegram application, click on your channel in the left menu, then click on the top right 3 dots menu
  • Choose "Manage Channel" on the dropdown menu, then choose "Channel type"
  • Choose "Private Channel" then SAVE
  • In a web browser, access
  • Sign in if required
  • Click on your Channel on the left list
  • You can see a string in the link on the web browser's address bar, it looks like this:
  • Focus on 10 digits 1234567890, add the string "-100" before the 10 digits, it is your Channel ID
  • Your Channel ID will be like this: -1001234567890 (13 digits)
  • Fill the Channel ID number in EA setting input.

4. Set Metatrader allow the EA contact with Telegram via

  • In MetaTrader4 application, click Tools on the menu bar, then Options, then Expert Advisors tab
  • In the bottom check line, check Allow WebRequest for listed URL
  • Add new URL "" then press "OK" button.

That's it. MT4 Telegram Signal Provider EA is ready to work for you.


If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me via messenger or comment.


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