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MetaTrader 4
Stsiapan Kreidzich


All signals. Smart trading system.

 Popular indicators give two signals - BUY and SELL, and you have to choose and put Take Profit. Usually it works quickly and the trend goes in your favor, but the indicator is “silent” until the trend change. You miss most of the profit.

The first idea of MaxiFinish : give a third signal - GET PROFIT (CLOSE) when the trend line changes the slope or the M15 and M30 stochastics have reached an extremum and the profit began to decline. If, on a signal, you have closed an order, the indicator fast give a new signal in the same direction - when the trend continues, or in the opposite direction - when the trend changes. Such tactics significantly increase the result - you take profit at the highs and have more signals.

The second idea of MaxiFinish is to use a compact scanner to review the market and choose where to trade and showing where the market is now active. For the Symbols you are interested in, with one click on the scanner you create their charts with automatic installation of the indicator and Template. Trading signals you receive from all created charts. The scanner automatically switches the Terminal to a chart with a new signal (CHART TO TOP = true).

The third feature : there are two more signals: when Take Profit or Stop Loss worked.

The fourth feature : this indicator Multi-Periods - it shows on any period the lines of stochastics higher and lower timeframes - you see "through timeframes".

Signals are given on chart and messages : sound in English , to email and MQID to mobile.

Trading is simple - open and close orders based on signals.

Indicator no repaint.

Input Settings:

  • Most of the names are understandable - put what you want to turn on or off. If you wish to change the colors set COLOR_SCHEME = 3.

  • SignalLine_Main_MA_Period - for fine tuning of the main period of the Signal Line. Put in Input = 26 or 52 or 104 or other and look at the chart after Init for what value the signals are more accurate, so trade.

  • Signal_Sensitivity - to fine tune the indicator sensitivity. Effective values are multiples of PI = 3.14, for example 1.57 or 6.28 and the like. This is the setting to signalling sooner or later.  

     !!! You can always customize, how often you want to receive signals.

Control and protection:

  • In case of data errors in the quotes, get the message, for example, "Data H4 not found!".

  • If you enter incorrect parameters, get the message "Data Input error. Please Edit ...".

  • Control of signals - if you hear "beep" (Signal Suppression Sound = true) - make BUY or SELL according to the SignalLine color. You can trade confidently even on M1.

    • When the indicator programm is locked, the icon on the [Signal] button will stop flashing.

         !!!  Signals will be correct if the indicator is received from the site or MetaTrader.

    Good advice:

    • Do not rush to enter  if you are not sure - click [Signal] button to wait for the next one. Trade where more Activity and Tick Value and  less Spread.

    • Close the BUY order, having received the SELL signal, and vice versa.
    • When good profit decreases - close without signals. This indicator "knows" what you have closed and fast give a new signal.

    • Put Recommended Take profit and Stop Loss > 280 Points (28 for 4 digits MT), if you are going to turn off the computer.


      For maximum success study the [Comments].

      Free download "USER MANUAL.PDF .EN", "   ..MANUAL.PDF. RU".

      The newest information is always on the MQL5 website.

      The indicator works on 4 and 5 digits MT4, at any Screen DPI  monitors, on all Periods and Symbols Forex.

      See video-test m1 below, tests  m15 and h1.


      1. The "Demo version" has limited functionality by no Multi Tester. Please click [Indicator properties] before first Test, and there [Reset], then check and write exactly as in your "Market Watch" your Scan Symbol, for example GBPUSD.fft. Many features don't work in the Tester, but the tests are real.

      Free first Test Demo and compare how more accurate signals (and faster) this indicator gives than others. Check how easy it is to set up the desired signal frequency on any chart.

      Free test the scanner and messages in [MaxiFinishTrend Free].

      2. Buy only on the website
      and immediately feel free to ask the author for important instructions and the best settings for you.

      Attach your screenshots to the problem message, so that I can help faster.  


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